Objectives of the Institute

A scientific institute specializing in postgraduate studies (master's and doctorate) in various fields of science, especially political science and law.

The development of quantitative and qualitative development in the scientific, cultural, educational and scientific research through the preparation of high-level scientific cadres in the various disciplines of the principles and ideas of modern scientific vision.

The Institute seeks to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Bahr al-Ulum Charitable Foundation to be a link between our Islamic heritage, which we have acquired from our Islamic schools in the Arab world, including the study of Najaf and the introduction of moderate Islamic thought aiming at unity of unity, unity of position and unity of the word in a unified society, Logo.

To create a generation capable of building high scientific and scientific principles and foundations of contemporary scientific and political commitment to the national line based on the unity of the people and the homeland and deepen the roots of faith in God.

Let the academic movement through printing university papers in various fields.

Holding seminars and encouraging scientific cadres in order to create scientific studies in various scientific fields.