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Al - Alamain Institute for Postgraduate Studies

The idea of ​​the project of the Institute of El Alamein for postgraduate studies - the past .. the present .. the future ....

For decades, the city of Najaf suffers from the absence of a scientific academic institution capable of linking 1,000 years of the history of Najaf University to other universities to develop the Islamic knowledge system and push it to serve the scientific and religious goals of the city of Najaf and the cities of Iraq and the region. The need for this has increased as a result of the political and social changes taking place in Iraq since the fall of the former regime. To highlight the joints of power and moderation in the thinking of the Najafi University and turn them into cultural and political contents capable of directing the situation in the right directions in line with the Islamic and Arab constants. And maintain our national identity.

Hence the idea of ​​establishing this academic institute for postgraduate studies so that it can contribute modestly to fill the void and provide studies and the establishment of cadres in Iraqi political thought bearing the highest certificates capable of contributing to the building of the homeland properly. And at the same time to provide Iraq and its cultural institutions with future research and visions to tighten the national campaign and peaceful coexistence in the region and push it towards prosperity and stability.

The idea of ​​Al-Alamein Institute for Higher Studies is the link between our Islamic heritage, which we have learned from our Islamic schools in the Arab world, including the Najaf school, and the introduction of moderate Islamic thought aimed at unity, unity and unity of the word. Therefore, the first stage of the work of this institute is to fill the vacuum in the needs of Iraq in the field of political science, law and the economy, thanks to the support and assistance of Arab and Islamic institutions and political and cultural figures, achieve the goals of the Institute to become, in addition to the academic page, to the center of polarization of Arab energies And the Islamic in the achievement of channels of meaningful dialogue in the interest of unity and stability and the spread of civil peace according to the Islamic perception, which tends to rationality and moderation to reason, controversy and proof.